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Photo Galleries

This gallery is being rebuilt using Photoswipe. A sample of a page using Photoswipe is here:

For the moment, the master photos for the Cambodia gallery are in C:\web\mekong_migration\cambodia\highres.

To convert the old slimbox galleries to Photoswipe, you will need to do the following:

Using the old "sg_blahblah_pix.xls" files as the source, create a tab-delimited data file for each slideshow. (Done)

In the generated HTML, you'll need this:

The script under construction (gen-image-code-from-list) reads files from a list, and for each file it will write the gallery code, the filename, the preview filename, the image size, and the caption into a file.

Next step, then, is to sort each set's images into its own folder, generate a list for that set, and then use gen-image-code-from-list.bat to generate the code snippet for each image.

Here are the scripts currently in use:

  • get-info-and-sort-photos.bat
  • sort-by-orientation.bat
  • get-size.bat
  • make-square-previews.bat
  • gen-image-code.bat
  • gen-image-code-from-list.bat

Don't forget to replace the master repository of caption files with the ones that were fixed!

Maybe change filenames of the Buck gallery masters? We have sample scripts to resize and rename in the folder with the resized (max 1080px) images (C:\web\mekong_migration\_rawmat\craig_buck_1080).

Current Status and Reminder of How These Work

To make a the code for a set, you gotta have the images for that set -- and only those images -- in the photoswipe-scripts folder. Oh.... and now it's kinda coming back to me. The Buck images didn't have properly sized master images! I think that's why I stopped working on debugging the process of generating the HTML code.

Pending modifications:

  • Edit make-square-previews.bat to output the desired filenames. Alternatively, add manual step to rename with BulkFileRenamer.
  • Add the real HTML code to the codesnippet files.

A few other notes are below.

  • Currently the main photo processing script is get-info-and-sort-photos.bat.
  • That script relies on three others: sort-by-orientation.bat, get-size.bat, and make-square-previews.bat
  • It would be nice to be able to process images from a list, and append the info to the same data file. That way, you could keep the order of existing galleries.
  • You need to parse the photodata file to convert it to HTML, with links.
  • You need five pieces of info for each photo: Full-size filename, dimensions, preview filename, an alt tag, and a caption.
  • You generate the first two bits of info from the new batch files. To manipulate the current data file, you gotta do... what, exactly?

Upcoming tasks:

  • Generate lists of the files in each set using the old Excel data files. (Separating them into individual .tab files for each set will help with this.)
  • Use find-and-replace in NoteTab to turn each line of the file into a text file containing its info.
  • We need to add © info. There's a way to read the last line of a file into a variable, right? So let's make the text files with the photographer separated from the caption by a carriage return or maybe a carriage return and a ---- dividing line

Polaroid. Yashica. Ricoh. Olympus. Pentax. Nikon. Agfa. Canon. Lumix. Armed with an arsenal of cameras, for three decades I've relentlessly committed snapshots of the world to film and pixel.

Organizing these photos is an ongoing process, which is my way of saying that they really aren't particularly organized, and probably never will be.

The Cambodia section contains more than 1300 photos, taken by several different photographers. Other sections contain only my own photos, which explains why those sections aren't nearly as nice.