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Welcome to the Mekong Network Thailand pages. Thailand is beautiful, friendly, and fascinating. The pages below describe my first experience in Thailand, an ill-planned, single-minded, practically pointless excursion to The Land of the Free.

Excerpt: "...a friend knew a man working for the Thai government along the Thai-Cambodian border, and she felt confident that he would be able to help me if I wanted to visit the camps. Never one to think things through, I decided that going to Thailand would be just the thing to do."

Excerpt: "I began walking down Rama IV Road in the direction of the Malaysia... or at least what I assumed was the direction."

Excerpt: "I asked what brought him to Bangkok. He laughed a deep, conspiratorial laugh, and it made me a little sick."

Excerpt: "He said that his name was Jerry, and he was from Singapore. He had very good English. We traded small talk for a few minutes, then he got down to business."

Excerpt: "I am sorry," the woman said, "But since the time that you requested your visit, the Thai Supreme Command has said..."

Excerpt: "The only thing that he seemed to understand was that I hadn't understood him the first time. He pointed to an emblem on his shirt and launched into a very emphatic explanation."

Excerpt: "Animals were cordially welcomed in the restaurant. On two occasions, a man brought a pet monkey (a macaque?) -- wearing a diaper, or course."

Excerpt: "On the way out of the city, the driver and his wife got into a fierce argument, I think about the best way to get there. Hearing them argue in Thai was strangely comical..."

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