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Tech Tips

D'oh! Not much on this page yet. One of these days I'll be adding some more stuff.

For now, I'm going to pass along two very basic tips:

  1. You probably don't need that shiny new OS.
    Admit it... it's really not going to make you any more productive. And it will require way more RAM and way more disk space.
  2. You probably don't need a really, really fast computer.
    Blasphemy, I know. And yes, if you're a hard-core coder, and you'll be compiling complex C# programs, maybe you could benefit from something faster. Same story if you plan to edit video, or do complicated 3D rendering. But for most of us, if you're just gonna surf the web, write documents, compose emails, just about any old computer will do.
  3. Label things.
    Sticky notes are your friend. Got your server open? Label which disk is which. Which one is the primary master? Which is the secondary slave? Which drive has the system? Which ones are part of a RAID? Tape some notes on them. Using backup tapes? Write the date of the first use on each tape; otherwise, somewhere along the line, you're going to lose track of which tapes have been in use for three years, and which need to be retired, and which tapes are the new ones you just bought a couple months ago.
  4. Remember the non-tech stuff you need.
    If you're the network admin, make sure that you know some of the non-technical things that you need to stay up and running. A few examples:

    Who to call in the event of a power problem. Do you know where all the circuit breakers are? Do you know who to call if you've blown one of them?

    Who has a spare set of keys for everything you need to unlock?

    Do you know the phone number of the guard desk? The cleaning crew? You might need those things someday.