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Sleep: A Utility For Pausing Batch Files

Click here to download this program.

Sleep doesn't do a damn thing, for whatever number of seconds you specify... Unless, or course, you specify too many or too few. Basically, you give it a number between 1 and 99, and it pauses your computer for that many seconds. It's intended for use in batch files, particularly in instances when you want to pause the execution of the script long enough so that the user can see what is on the screen.

There are many, many existing utilities for this, and many of them are more versatile, allowing you to specify the length of the delay in hours, minutes, seconds, or whatever. I had been using an old one written by I-don't-know who in 1993, but I finally decided to create my own for three reasons: First, I didn't know whether or not the one I was using was truly intended to be free for distribution. Second, I had already written another program ("beep.exe") that I knew I could easily modify to make "sleep.exe." And third, when I went to view version information by supplying the perfectly common argument "sleep /?" the program responded "glob: EXEC error." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Programs should not reply to users by talking about globs.

Finally, a note to the people at Microsoft: For the love of Buddha, BUILD THIS INTO THE OPERATING SYSTEM. People need to do this ALL THE TIME. They should not be forced to download some unknown tool written by some crappy-ass sysadmin who doesn't even know how to program.

Proper syntax for this program is:
sleep [integer]

The integer must be at least 1 and no more than 99. If no integer is specified, the program will sleep for one second.

Known Bugs

Damned if I know. As of this writing, I've not even tested it on anything other than WinXP.

Program Description: A program to pause your computer for a specified number of seconds. The .zip file includes the .exe and the program documentation, which is pretty much the same stuff you just read on this page.