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Commonly Used Port Numbers

If you are responsible for network security, or if you are trying to troubleshoot connectivity between different machines and services, you will often need to know what port a particular services uses.

Below is a list of common protocols and their more-or-less "standard" port numbers. (Ports are TCP unless otherwise noted.)

DHCP: Port 67 (UDP)
DNS: Port 53 (UDP or TCP)
Echo: Port 7
Finger: Port 79
FTP: Port 21 (Data channel for Active FTP: 20)
Gopher: Port 70
HTTP: Port 80
HTTPS: Port 443
IKE: Port 500 (UDP)
IMAP: Port 143
IMAP (SSL): Port 993
IRC: Port 194
L2TP: Port 1701 (UDP)
LDAP: Port 389
NNTP: Port 119
pcAnywhere (v. 7.5.2 and later): Ports 5631 (TCP), 5632 (UDP)
POP3: Port 110
POP3 (SSL): Port 995
PPTP: Ports 1723 (TCP), 47 (GRE)
quotd: Port 17
Remote Desktop (RDP) (Terminal Services): Port 3389
rtelnet: Port 107
SMTP: Port 25
SNMP: Port 161
SQL Server: Port 1433
SQL Probe: Port 1434 (UDP)
Telnet: Port 23
TFTP: Port 69
UUCP: Port 540
Whois: Port 43

The complete list of standard port numbers may be found in RFC1700:

And for you Microsoft people: a nice article on ports used by various MS services is here: