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DOS and Windows Software Downloads

The programs below are freeware. Generally speaking, you are free to use them as you wish, and you may redistribute them as long as you include the original documentation, and as long as that redistribution is also free. (That is, don't download a free program and then sell it to someone else!!)

In some cases the authors may ask for a postcard or a note by email if you use their program. If you find this software useful, please take the time to let the author know.

Text Tools and File Utilities

NoteTab Light 4.95
An absolutely fantastic editor. If you want to code your HTML by hand, this tool is a joy. It has a clean interface, a small footprint, and truckloads of well-thought-out features, including a "Clipbook" tool that can be hold frequently-used text clips, multi-file, multi-line search and replace, support for templates, the ability to strip HTML tags, and much more. Many thanks to the terrific team at Fookes Software.

GhostScript (and Ghostview)
A pair of wonderful program for viewing postscript files. They can also be used to create PDF documents.

A DOS/Windows/WinNT command-line find-and-replace utility. There are about a hundred different reasons to love this program: it's fast, versatile, has a tiny footprint, and includes both DOS and Win9x and WinNT versions. Even its name is great: "Minitrue" is short for "Ministry of Truth." In Orwell's 1984, the Ministry of Truth was responsible for revising historical documents to match the demands of the current propaganda. Minitrue was written by Andrew B. Pipkin, and is released under the GNU Public License.

A nice find-and-replace tool with a graphical front end; it can locate and replace text strings in multiple files. Great for fixing lots of web pages when a link changes. Written by Martin Holmes.

A command-line utility for converting filenames to lowercase. Also written by the barely competent Bruce Sharp. This is Build 29, which is kind of scary when you realize it means he needed 29 tries to get something so simple to work right. The .zip file includes the .exe and the program documentation. More information about this program is available on the lcname page.

A very simple command-line program to create or rename a folder with a number representing the current date. Designed for use in batch files. The .zip file includes the .exe and the program documentation. This is Build 24. More details on this program are available on the Datedir page.

Network Utilities

NBTScan is a NetBIOS name network scanner. It will scan a network and list the IP addresses, MAC addressses, and NetBIOS computer names for all computers in a specified range of addresses. NBTScan was written by Alla Bezroutchko. It's free under the terms of the GNU Public License.

Blat is a command-line mailer for Windows 9x and NT. This is version 1.89. It's excellent for use in batch files, or if you just want to email something quickly without firing up your mail client. Blat is ideal for situations where you need to be able to email a file from a server, but you don't want to have to load an SMTP server directly on the same box. Blat is public domain freeware. It was originally written by Pedro Mendes, Mark Neal, Tim Charron and Gilles Vollant. The official Blat homepage is at

A way cool utility to troubleshoot strange HTTP problems: As its name implies, ieHTTPheaders allows add a toolbar to Internet Explorer, allowing you to view the requests and responses sent in HTTP headers. Written by Jonas Blunck. The home page is at

Compression Utilities

WZT: Windows Zipping Tool
A nifty, fast, small, reliable zipping and unzipping tool for Windows. This program hasn't been updated in years, and I don't know how to contact its author. However, I like it well enough that I've kludged together a page with basic information about the program and have tweaked a couple small things. Now, you might notice that I'm offering to let you download an unzipping tool... and the tool itself is zipped up! Kind of a Catch-22, huh? This server's security settings won't let accept client requests for .exe files. So... never fear... if you have no wa y to unzip files, you can download this file: wzt.ex_. Once you've downloaded it, rename it wzt.exe. Double-click the .exe to extract the files, and you're on your way.

Info-Zip WIZ for Windows (GUI)
From the Info-Zip team, a freeware zipping and unzipping tool; this one has a Windows interface, somewhat similar to WinZip. Here again, I'm offering to let you download an unzipping tool, when the tool itself is zipped up! If you currently have no way to unzip files, you can download this file: wiz503xn.ex_. Once you've downloaded it, rename it wiz503xn.exe. Double-click the .exe, and you're on your way.

Info-Zip Zip for DOS
A command-line utility file-compression utility for DOS, compatible with the industry-standard .zip format. This tool, and the other InfoZip programs below, were obtained from the

Info-Zip Unzip for DOS
A DOS unzipping tool, to accompany the zipping tool above. Again, as with the file above, if you don't have an unzipping tool now, you can download this file: unz540x3.ex_. Rename it unz540x3.exe and run it to extract the files.

Info-Zip Zip for Win9x/WinNT
A command-line zipping tool for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. Works with long filenames and all that stuff.

Info-Zip Unzip for Win9x/WinNT
A command-line unzipping tool for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT, compatible with the zipping tools above. And, once again, you can download this in an .exe file, but you'll have to change the file suffix back to .exe: unz541xn.ex_.

System Tools

A command-line tool to display processor clock speed. Compatible with Win95 and WinNT and later. Written by Timo A. Toivonen.

ShellExView (Shell Extensions Manager) is a tool that displays shell extensions on Windows systems. Written by Nir Sofer (, ShellExView allows you to view and modify extensions, and also flags suspicious extensions. It can be run from any folder, and does not require any extraneous DLLs.

Another neat tool from the aforementioned Nir Sofer. SysExporter lets you grab lists from list-views, list boxes, and combo boxes, and allows you to export the items as text, HTML, or XML.

Image Utilities

Irfanview is a neat little graphics viewer. It's shockingly fast, can read a ton of file formats, can convert file types, can resize images, and it doesn't install a bunch of .dll's, .ocx's, or other such garbage. I keep a shortcut to this program on my desktop and use it to check the pixel size of web graphics. Drop an image on the program's icon, and it immediately pops the image open, with the pixel size displayed at the bottom of the window. This program was written by Irfan Skiljan. Visit his web site at

A simple, easy-to-use tool for picking colors, and identifying their RGB values. It can also tell you HLS, CMY, CMYK, and YCbDr info, but frankly, I don't even know what the hell most of those are, so that's slightly less cool. The program was written by Michel Christiaens, and the official ColorCoder home page is at


Hyperterminal 5
A good update to the terminal program that ships with Windows. It's especially worth downloading if you are still using the somewhat buggy version that shipped with Windows 95. Oh, like there's anybody still using that.