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Beep: A Simple and Pretty Much Stupid Utility

Click here to download this program.

Programs don't get much simpler than this. What does Beep do? It beeps. That's pretty much it. I use this in batch files, as an alarm, and for testing syntax of things like the schedule commands in NT, etc.

Proper syntax for this program is:
beep [integer]

If no integer is specified, the program will beep one time. If an integer is specified, it must be at least 1 and at most 99. For example, the command "beep 8" will give you eight beeps, with a one-second pause between each beep.

Known Bugs

I forget... I think on Win 9x it plays whatever sound you specify in the control panel as the default sound. Or maybe it just beeps. Hell, I can't remember, and I'm not gonna go searching for a Win9x system just to find out.

Program Description: A dippy little command-line program that beeps. The .zip file includes the .exe and the program documentation, which is pretty much the same stuff you just read on this page.