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Tips and Tricks

Identifying the Physical Host of a Virtual Server
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts
A Few Tech Tips


Making PDFs
Managing Footnotes with Javascript
Setting Private Home Directories on an NT Network
Custom 404 Error Pages for IIS
Security and Authentication using ASP Sessions
Configuring Mail Forwarding for Exchange Server 2003
Create Files from the Command Line (DOS and Windows)


Fatal Abstraction
Burning Hundred-Dollar Bills
Speaking Chinese (or... Why I Use Windows)
On Software Complexity

General Technical Articles

Commonly Used Ports
Hardware Reminisces
The Old-Fashioned Web Color Chart
What's OCR?
Format Specifiers in C
Video Resolutions

Tools and Scripts

PicNav Slideshow Toolset
PicFader Javascript Slideshow


Recommended Geek Reading
Computer Quotes
Great Resume Snippets
Resume Writing Tips
Great Tech Links