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New and Updated Items

Note: Updates to other sections of the Mekong.Net site are listed on the main What's New page. Cambodia-related updates are listed below.


A few photos of a rare Khmer-language typewriter have been added to the Photo Gallery: The Khmer Typewriter.

Date added: 5/14/2012


More than 180 photos, taken in August and September of 2011, have been added to the Photo Gallery: Cambodia 2011 - Color and Cambodia 2011 - Black and White

Date added: 12/28/2011


The Photo Gallery has gotten an overhaul, with a new format which allows larger images.

Date added: 11/3/2011

A report from the Journal of Southeast Asian American Education & Advancement, authored by by Wayne E. Wright and Sovicheth Boun, is now available for download: Southeast Asian American Education 35 Years After Initial Resettlement: Research Report and Policy Recommendations.

Date added: 5/15/2011

Two new galleries have been added to the Photo Section: Transplanted Culture and Along the Border, 1983.

Date added: 11/8/2010

Another "new but old" addition: the transcript of a July 1973 Washington Special Actions Group meeting regarding the bleak situation facing the Lon Nol government: Stretching Out the Unravelling: Cambodia 1973

Date added: 9/28/2010

The Photo Section has been expanded with photos by Charles C. King: Cambodian Images, 2009-2010.

Date added: 9/8/2010

A new op-ed by Ronnie Yimsut: Cambodia Must Make Serious and Painful Reforms.

Date added: 9/2/2010

A review of O! Maha Mount Dangrek, a book translated from manuscripts written by a Cambodian monk: Venerable Testament.

Date added: 8/12/2010

A short note of appreciation for Arthur Gugick's Lego model of Angkor Wat.

Date added: 8/9/2010

A review of Sydney Schanberg's new book, Beyond the Killing Fields: Lessons of War, Revisited.

Date added: 7/19/2010

An article by David Calleja, about Ann-Marie, an HIV-positive infant being cared for by the Partners in Compassion charity: A Beautiful Khmer Baby Named Ann Marie.

Date added: 4/30/2010

The Photo Section has been updated with photos from Chicago's Khmer New Year celebration: New Year Celebration, 2010.

Date added: 4/14/2010

A review by David Calleja of Kilong Ung's book: Golden Leaf - A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor.

Date added: 3/4/2010

The Photo Section has been updated with photos from Preah Vihear, taken by Charles C. King: Preah Vihear.

Date added: 1/19/2010

A review of Nic Dunlop's compelling book The Lost Executioner: Nic's A Bastard.

Date added: 1/14/2010

An article by David Calleja, on teaching English in Cambodia: I Like My English Grilled.

Date added: 11/30/2009

A review of Philip Short's book: Pol Pot: The History of a Nightmare.

Date added: 10/19/2009

The Photo Section has gotten yet another overhaul; the new scripts feature improved navigation, and the revised layout allows for the photos to be slightly larger.

Date added: 10/2/2009

Marc Cameron has contributed five photos taken by his father, Denis Cameron, in 1970: Cambodia 1970: Denis Cameron

Date added: 7/28/2009

Photographer Rith Khem contributed a set of photos taken at a Khmer New Year celebration in Chicago: Cambodian New Year, Furama Restaurant, April 2009

Date added: 7/28/2009

A "new" addition which isn't new: For no good reason, we've gone to the trouble of converting a 1989 Asia Watch report to HTML, and adding it to the site: Khmer Rouge Abuses Along The Thai-Cambodian Border

Date added: 7/28/2009

A review of Sambath Meas's memoir The Immortal Seeds: One Family's Story

Date added: 6/10/2009

Photos by Craig Buck, taken in Khmer Rouge-held sections of Cambodia in 1981. These photos offer a rare glimpse into life with the guerrillas during the war against the Vietnam-installed government. The photos are grouped into two sets: Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 1981 and Ieng Sary and Khieu Thirith

Date added: 5/7/2009

An article by Antonio Graceffo: Remnants of the Khmer Rouge

Date added: 3/16/2009

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