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Phnom Penh, 1991 Cambodia is unforgettable. Don't go if you cannot stand to witness suffering. Don't miss it if you want the experience of a lifetime.

For better or worse, Cambodia is like no other nation on Earth. It is not an easy trip to make, but it has a power that few places hold: if you keep your eyes open, when you return from Cambodia, nothing anywhere will ever look the same.

What is it like? The articles below describe several different trips to Cambodia over the last 15 years:

A brief glimpse of a trip through Asia in an earlier time is available in a collection of postcards from 1966 and 1967:

Visitors with an interest in Khmer culture should try to include Cambodia's National Museum in their itinerary.

If you are planning to travel to Cambodia, you might want to take a look at medical recommendations for travel in Cambodia. This article was written in 1992, but most of the information is still relevant.

Oudong Elsewhere on the web, there are several excellent sites devoted to Cambodia. Links to some of the best are listed below. These sites will open in a new window.

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