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Ranachith "Ronnie" Yimsut

Born and reared in the famed Siem Reap "Angkor World Heritage Site," Ronnie Yimsut fled Cambodia after two decades of turmoil, where he witnessed the massacre of nearly his entire family under the Khmer Rouge regime. He is a genocide survivor, an orphan, and a "political" refugee at the age of fifteen. He is now a proud American of Khmer heritage.

Ronnie Yimsut Ronnie is currently a senior landscape architect for the USDA Forest Service where he plans and designs National Forest recreation and tourist sites, and conducts environmental impact studies on landscape ecologies and ecosystems.

Ronnie is also actively involved in various national and international NGOs dealing with social and environmental justice issues. As an activist, he is the subject of numerous documentary films and news reports, such as CBS News, NBC News, National Geographic Explorer, PBS, Europe ARNTE TV, and featured in several independence documentary films.

In 2009, he was selected as one of "Milwaukee Area's Most Influential People" by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

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